Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age to commence the Kathak Dance lessons?parents night

Preferably from 5 years onwards. Mature age students are most welcome.

Do I need any pre-requisites to start a beginner class?

No, our recommendation is to start beginner’s class with fundamentals which allows in developing the skills accurately.

What clothing should I wear in the class ?

Comfortable leggings with proper top to make it easy to move your body.

How the fees are paid?Dance1

Fees to be paid in the beginning of the term.

What happens if I miss the class?

You can arrange a makeup class in either of the centres.

Are the classes for women only?

No, Tarana offers lesson for everybody. All you need is a “can do” attitude and a love of Dance.

What do I need to know about performances?

Performances are the best part about Tarana School of  Kathak Dance.  Advice will be given about costumes, and the correct styling. Tarana can also offer affordable sets for purchase of costumes. However the commitment for rehearsals  and practice is very important to achieve this.

What results can I expect?dance2

As a student you can expect to learn the fundamentals and  skills of this beautiful dance form. You will also acquire a commendable high standard of perfection and techniques of Kathak dance.